Calmness of the Soul Coaching Program 

Get help to find and heal those parts of the soul holding you back

​Let Jewish Wisdom help you ​find Calmness of the Soul

The Calmness of the Soul Coaching Program offers  short-term, customized one on one coaching  that uses the wisdom of American Mussar to help you find more of an inner quiet.

Greg completely understood this complicated situation in our first call. Now I understand how a Mussar practice can help me work towards inner rapprochement. - Jim Abrams, Johnstown, PA

Are you challenged by...

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    Overwhelm. You struggle more than you wish to stay mindful amidst all the external responsibilities/distractions, and negativity. You can’t spend as much time as you want on the things that interest you because of all the other things you have to do, so you get frustrated that things aren’t getting done. This frustration sometimes spills over and you get angry with people/things keeping you from doing what you want to do.  
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    Anger or Frustration. You find it hard not to jump to anger or frustration; that it seems like your reaction is out of your control. You'd like to cultivate Patience so you can avoid that awful feeling after you blow up at someone you care about. And you'd like to discover how Gratitude can help you see life's beauty instead of the dark side.  
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    Fear. You are held back by fear,  like fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear that others won’t like you or fear of success. You wonder if it is possible to heal the soul trait of Trust that things will work out, which will let you grow comfortable just being you, and doing the things you want to do without worrying about what other people will think or what will happen. 
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    Self worth. You are self aware enough and courageous enough to admit that your self worth is holding you back. You want to be your authentic self, even if you spent your entire life worried about what other will think of your choices. You are curious to explore how the soul trait of Humility is related to the practice of recognizing your own accomplishments, so you don't always feel like you could or should do more. 

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When it comes to building calmness of the soul, there is no one size fits all answer. Schedule a free spiritual assessment with Greg Marcus, Ph.D, founder of American Mussar to begin to build a strategy to bring more inner quiet.

The Secret To Calmness Of the Soul

Calm down is not helpful. When you are really upset, is anything less helpful than someone saying "calm down?" In a similar way, it does no good to say to yourself in a moment of calm "of course I'm good enough." Or "next time I'll need to handle that better." Because when that moment of panic hits you react and feel fatally flawed. The secret  to calmness of the soul is to identify the root spiritual imbalances that trigger you, and then take gradual steps to more often access that spot inside to live in peace.

You don't need to hide. With a calm and caring coach, you can face these things. We each have a unique spiritual curriculum - we were put on this earth to grow and overcome our unique challenges. Whether you are dealing with fear, overwhelm, anger, frustration or feelings of low self worth, American Mussar practice can help you go easy on yourself when you make a mistake.

Be who you know you really are by making a series of small changes in everyday life. In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell showed that the right small change make a big impact. Together, you and Greg will find those impactful changes.

This is not for you  if you are dealing with substance abuse, are in a situation of active trauma, want bootcamp style tough love, or are afraid to take action.


"Working with Greg is like getting a really good pair of sunglasses - you see the world more clearly, with more color and texture. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. Greg’s integrity and the way that he's present were like no one I’ve worked with. He's an amazing listener... I mean the way that he listens, and reflects, and processes what's going on – it was life changing for me."

Helaine Sheias, Yoga therapist born in Boston who made alia to Israel as a teen.

"I found Greg to be a very warm and generous coach. The program gave me a spiritual foundation of Mussar principles to build upon. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Mussar is a gift that will continue to give me a broader lens for reflection, understanding my triggers and becoming more responsive rather than reactive.

Diane Bloom Mccabe, Yoga therapist and a wellness consultant

Transform your Life With Mussar Program

Greg Marcus, Ph.D            Founder American Mussar

Calmness of the Soul Program Details

The first step to join the calmness of the soul coaching program is to sign up for a free spiritual assessment and strategy call. These one hour calls are part of the intake process. You'll learn the five stages to changing your life, and the three things holding you back. Greg will listen to your situation, and begin the process of helping you put together a strategy to overcome your roadblock.

If you both agree there is a fit, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for the program. The cost is $1000 for the six session package if you pay by installments. Or you can pay $900 as a lump sum.

In the first call of the program you'll finish the intake process and pick the first soul trait to work on. Usually, this is Humility, because we need to be grounded in who we are, and our proper place in the Universe. And together, you'll pick one small step. Starting small is the secret to lasting change. 

All you need to do is Take Action

One on one coaching is about fit as much as it is about goals and methodology. Your free one hour assessment and strategy session will help you see a world where you are fully realizing your human potential.


... things that would have led to a fight end in laughing 

"I was struggling not to blow up at a family member. After my call with Greg, I found a way to recognize his Divine spark, which helped me to respond with curiosity and patience when he pushed my buttons. Now some things that would have led to a fight end in laughing or some deep discussions."

Dawn H., Baton Rouge

... he listened, understood, and accepted me for who I am

"I was feeling like I never make the right choices, and was trying to figure out where my life is going. After my call with Greg, I felt a bit better just because he listened, understood, and accepted me for who I am. Now I want to practice Mussar because I think it will help me be less fearful."

Christo Chaney, Lubbock TX


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Is there a payment plan?

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Can you help with addiction or current trauma?

Get your questions answered in a  FREE SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENT now!

Whether your are dealing with overwhelm, anger, fear, or self worth, click the button below to schedule a free strategy session with Greg and see if the Calmness of the Soul coaching program is a fit for you.


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